Aloha 2012 – Ka Lae Blowhole During High Surf – Hawai’i Landscape Photographer

This island experienced a huge swell today. We enjoyed the big waves in Kona, and returned home just in time to notice the blow hole at Ka Lae, South Point, showing activity. We raced over for an enjoyable sunset, and exciting time watching the waves crash up into the blow hole. Visitors and locals hoped […]

Holoholo – South Point – Hawaii Landscape Photography

I had a planned family session at South Point this morning, but unfortunately they had to postpone their session. We decided to head over to Ka Lae, South Point, early this morning to check out the morning light for a future session. It was so beautiful and clear today.

Ka Lae Sunset – South Point Hawaii Landscape Photography

A beautiful sunset at South Point. I’ve started experimenting with a new workflow for landscape images, and I can’t wait to share some of my recent portrait sessions.

Kaniho Ohana – Hawaii Island Family Photography

My friend, Jana, and her adorable ohana met me out at Ka Lae for a family session yesterday. We had lots of fun taking photos, and they were up for some of my silly ideas. The sun decided to hide behind the clouds, but we were still treated to a colorful sunset. I can’t wait […]

Ka Lae – South Point – Hawaii

I went to scout out Ka Lae, AKA South Point, for a family photo shoot on Thursday. It is I also wanted to test out my new circular polarizer before the shoot. I got lucky as the waves were curling from every direction, and the weather was wonderful. Ka Lae, South Point, is the most […]


I watched a few tourists jump into the ocean at Ka Lae blowhole the other day. It was very fun to watch them psych each other up for jumping into the water.