Boblitt Family – Ho’okena – Hawaii Family Photographer

This last week, I photographed the Boblitt family on a bright and sunny morning at Ho’okena. I usually photograph at Ho’okena super early in the morning, but with young kiddos you have to work with their schedule. So, we arrived at 9am, and were greeted by beautiful blues and soft warm sand. It was a […]

The Boblitt’s – Kona Hawaii Family Photographer

I finally got to meet the lovely Boblitt family at their favorite Hawai’i Island beach, Ho’okena. It was a little overcast the morning we met, but that didn’t stop the fun. I & N were such sweet kids, and we had fun running up and down the beach, jumping, and playing catch with the football.

Hello, 2013 – Ho’okena Beach – Hawaii Water Photography

Happy New Year to you all. I hope this is a fantastic new year for you. We hope to continue growing and expanding our creative output this year. Maybe even have a new studio if everything goes as planned. This year we did our annual “polar bear” plunge at Ho’okena. I say “polar bear” because […]

‘Ohana Photo Shoot – Hawaii Family Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing my friend, Dorothy, and her family last Sunday. This photo session went fast, and was quite a bit shorter than my normal photo sessions. We made it to Ho’okena with just a few minutes before sunset, and I focused on getting the required shots. There wasn’t too much time […]

Ho’okena At Sunset – Ho’okena, Hawaii

I’m addicted to swimming, and trying to capture the water. I learned to swim before I could walk, and during my childhood I was constantly in the swimming pool with my grandpa. Unfortunately, as I reach my mid-teens I seemed to stop swimming. I have no idea why… I think now I’m trying to make […]

Ho’okena Waves – Hawai’i Landscape Photography

Ho’okena doesn’t have the biggest waves, but it is indeed a beautiful beach. It’s one of those soothing beaches with just enough activity for people watching. It’s best to get there before 10:30 if you want a little more solitude. I’ve been practicing my paddling, and getting lots of exercise while grabbing a few pics […]