Windward Time! – Hilo & Puna Photography Hawaii

This weekend was my birthday. To celebrate I traveled over to the Hilo side of the island of the day. It was a wonderful day for a drive, clear skies, warm weather, and happy people along the way. Puna is an amazing part of the island, and I’d have to say lower Puna will always […]

Matt & Jerrica – Hawaii Couples Photography

I had a lovely sunset session last weekend with Matt & Jerrica. They were a beautiful and wonderful couple to work with.

Morrighan & Bug – Hawai’i Child Photography

A few weeks ago, I attended a local fashion show produced by a small non-profit group. The group has plans to start helping local children break get into modeling. After, the fashion show I gave my card to one of the organizers in the hopes of helping some of the kids get quality head shots. […]

Fancy Dancers – Hilo Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow

Fancy dancer at the Hilo Inter-Tribal Pow-wow.

1871 Trail To Ki’ilae – Pu’uhonua O Honaunau

I went for a hike on the 1871 Trail To Ki’ilae at Pu’uhonua O Honaunau. For more information and history about each stop take a look at the Trail Guide Trail Head The Keokea Holua Alahaka Ramp Alahaka Heiau and Keanae’e Cliffs Top Of Alahaka Ramp Sun Looking Towards Pu’uhonua O Honaunau Ki’ilae

Mountain Apples

Mountain Apples, Syzygium malaccense, also called ‘ohia ‘ai in Hawaiian, is an edible fruit with a red, white, or pink skin. It has a water flesh, similar to a pear. I found the flavor to be very subtle, with just a slight touch of sweetness.

Kohala Sunset

I had to make a drive up to Kamuela the other day, and found myself trying to get a good shot of this fabulous sunset on the drive back home. I happened to have just left the beach, when the sun came out from behind the clouds. I was actually standing in the parking lot […]


I watched a few tourists jump into the ocean at Ka Lae blowhole the other day. It was very fun to watch them psych each other up for jumping into the water.


Howzit! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve just completed a move from Hoquiam to the island of Hawai’i. I’m in the process of updating the site, and hope to start accepting some sessions soon.