Makalawena – Hawai’i Landscape Photography

I’ve been quite busy lately with various photography projects. Here’s an image from a recent hike to Makalawena. It was a beautiful day there.

West Maui Mountains At Sunrise – Hawai’i Landscape Photography

I decided that I needed a new facebook cover image. In searching the archives, I found this beautiful image I took a few months ago of the West Maui Mountains at sunrise.

Holoholo – South Point – Hawaii Landscape Photography

I had a planned family session at South Point this morning, but unfortunately they had to postpone their session. We decided to head over to Ka Lae, South Point, early this morning to check out the morning light for a future session. It was so beautiful and clear today.

Please, Bear With Me. – Hawaii Landscape Photography

Sorry, for the lack of recent session posts. I am working on moving the site to a new server, using a completely different design and structure. Due to this reason I have been holding off on posting too much, as it will require me to rework it in the future. I have been updating and […]

La’aloa Sunset – Hawaii Landscape Hawai’i

I’ve been experiencing lots of travel during the last few months. Each trip seems to take a few weeks to recover from. This one is from a recent sunset body surfing session at La’aloa, AKA Magic Sands. I was dodging rocks and honu on this end of the beach. Sadly, it was too dark to […]