Charlie’s First Birthday – Hawai’i Baby Photographer

It’s been so much fun watching Shalan and Geneveve grow their family. If you recall I photographed their engagement, wedding, and maternity. Now, I’m happy to share the photos from Charlie’s First Birthday session.

Boblitt Family – Ho’okena – Hawaii Family Photographer

This last week, I photographed the Boblitt family on a bright and sunny morning at Ho’okena. I usually photograph at Ho’okena super early in the morning, but with young kiddos you have to work with their schedule. So, we arrived at 9am, and were greeted by beautiful blues and soft warm sand. It was a […]

The Boblitt’s – Kona Hawaii Family Photographer

I finally got to meet the lovely Boblitt family at their favorite Hawai’i Island beach, Ho’okena. It was a little overcast the morning we met, but that didn’t stop the fun. I & N were such sweet kids, and we had fun running up and down the beach, jumping, and playing catch with the football.

The Rowlands – Kona Hawaii Family Photographer

The generations of the Rowlands meet in Hawai’i from various locations around the world. It fun to watch the cousins laugh and play. There was some excitement for everyone as whales began to breach in the background.

Ledford Family – Kona Hawaii Family Photographer

I was so happy when Andrea contacted me to photograph her family. She is family to the often photographed, and always awesome Thelen’s. Allan and Shirley live in Kona, while Andrea, Jay, and Jack come to visit frequently. We spent a fun filled morning running around on the beach, and just having a grand time […]

Witherspoon Nass Family – Kona Hawaii Family Photographer

Kate contacted me a few weeks ago for family photo session. It wasn’t just going to be a normal family session, it was a surprise for her mother who was celebrating a birthday. The whole family got together for a visit to Hawai’i to celebrate this very special birthday, and Mom, Lynn, was also treated […]

Hoover Family – Hawaii Family Photographer

This was exactly where I wanted to be. I love my job. I get to meet awesome families like the Hoovers, and spend the evening on the beach hanging out, climbing trees, and playing in the water. Thanks, Hoover family for being so awesome.

S. Family – Hawaii Family Photographer

I had an awesome evening hanging out with this beautiful family. They were here visiting Hawai’i to celebrate the 45th wedding anniversary of Sue and Tim. The waves and ocean in lower Puna were amazing on this afternoon. We had fun capturing parents, kids, grandkids, cousins, and sisters. I had lots of fun spending time […]

‘Ohana Photo Shoot – Hawaii Family Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing my friend, Dorothy, and her family last Sunday. This photo session went fast, and was quite a bit shorter than my normal photo sessions. We made it to Ho’okena with just a few minutes before sunset, and I focused on getting the required shots. There wasn’t too much time […]