Adventures in Food Land: Lava Cake

I found this lovely cake while shopping for towels & kitty litter. I thought it was beautiful. Sadly, it didn’t taste as good as it looked.

Adventures in Foodie Land: Fruit Tart

I found this beautiful fruit tart at the store last night. I had to bring it home, take pictures of it, and then devour it.

You Rule! Valentine’s Day Photography

The store already has Valentine’s Day items for sale. I thought I would practice my lighting tonight on a few candy hearts. Come to think of it photos make an excellent Valentine’s gift. Why not book a mini-session, and surprise the man or woman in your life with some special photos of yourself? You can […]

Adventure In Foodie Land : Cupcakes

I was wondering though Safeway tonight, and came home with these cupcakes for the sole purpose of taking photos of them. Sadly, I couldn’t purchase one cupcake, and was forced to buy a half dozen. This is my first attempt at lighting them. Maybe I can do better tomorrow.